Why Fueld?

Our Partnership is More Than a Service 

Many 3PLs offer you a service, period. However, at Fueld we offer you an experience. We partner with you, and once part of the family, we hope to help foster growth for your company and ours. We offer each client a dedicated account manager who is a liaison between Fueld and your brand. This manager is integral to the process, from the warehouse floor to all your digital communications. Through this partnership, we hope to collaborate with our clients and act as an extension to your team rather than simply a vendor.

Customized Plans Specifically For You 

Fueld works to create a process that is specifically suited to your business and personal needs. This can include but is not limited to branding, packaging and specialized requests for your products. This could mean handwritten notes, or specific wrapping, the possibilities are endless. We will work with you to find what is best for you and you can be certain you will receive the best quality product and service each time. 


At Fueld size is not the deciding factor. We have collaborated successfully with clients new to fulfilment and those switching 3PLs with high volumes. We will scale to your demands without delays. We want our clients to focus on their innovative processes and scaling their businesses, leaving the logistics to us. As you grow, we will continue to grow with you. 

Simple and straightforward billing

Fueld wants to make our clients' experience as straightforward as possible, which can be seen through our simple billing system. You can see an exact breakdown of all costs, making these transactions easy and clear to understand. 

Shipping discounts and partnerships

By partnering with Fueld, our clients benefit from our discounted shipping rates through various partnerships with major carriers. Not limited to the ones mentioned below.

No Minimum, No Maximum 

We value all our clients equally. We have no set minimum or maximum in terms of our client’s orders or products. If you want your inventory to be fulfilled and shipped through a safe and secure platform, we want to work with you! 

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