How we work

1. Join the Fueld family 

The first step is joining our team. Fueld is unique in our family-oriented team, that has been able to offer personalized fulfillment plans to businesses of all sizes. We look forward to all new additions to the family!

2. Connect your store

Each business is different, Fueld recognizes and welcomes this! Once you’ve decided to partner with us, we will facilitate an easy integration between your platform and ours.

3. Send us inventory

Once we have integrated both systems, you can begin sending us your product, to be added into our inventory management system.

4. Orders get shipped

Now the fun begins! Fueld will begin fulfilling and shipping your products, ensuring fast and reliable shipping worldwide.

5. Returns and exchanges are managed

Returns and exchanges are unavoidable, and our system is set up to manage this. Our return management system ensures all returns are handled diligently and accounted for correctly.

6. Scale your business

Fueld specializes in helping our clients scale their businesses. Once you’ve created your ideal product, we want our clients to grow as part of our family, while allowing us to take care of all logistics.

Onboarding Made Easy 

Change can be difficult, trust us we understand. However we want our clients to receive only the best. That is why we have made our onboarding process seamless, whether you're moving from a different fulfillment company or making your first move to a 3PL. 

Easy Integration

Fueld proudly offers its clients integration with many e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. We can accommodate the following platforms instantly, however we are able to create a custom integration using our API when needed. Our integration system is designed to allow for easy sharing of information between your platform and ours. Our priority is transparency and communication, meaning once we process orders, tracking information is pushed to your platform automatically.

Inventory Management

At Fueld our priority is creating an environment for your business to flourish and our inventory management system reflects this. Through our easy to navigate system, clients can see real time updates of inventory, ensuring on time replenishment of products and insights to slow moving products.

Inventory Accuracy

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are sometimes a point of contention, but at Fueld, leave the worrying to us. We have implemented a system which allows for easy and efficient processing of returns, including creating labels, handling restocking and inspecting returned inventory. 

Additional Services



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