Fast, reliable, and custom fulfillment solutions.

Fueld prides itself on being an industry-leading, innovative 3PL. Our mandate focuses on ensuring our clients continue to grow in their success within this competitive industry. With Fueld you are guaranteed elite service and productivity every single time.

Fueld vs the others

Fueld prides itself on providing more than a service for its clients. Not only do we offer highly discounted shipping rates, but we offer our clients a completely customized fulfillment plan depending on each individual's needs. Our family-based approach ensures you are not just a number when you join the Fueld family. Through our designated account managers prioritizing communication and transparency, we will become an extension of your business and team. Using these customized plans allows Fueld to scale seamlessly with you as your business prospers.

99.94% accuracy rate

Fast dispatch

Client focused CX

5 star reviews

How we work



We will help you integrate your system, including importing products and connecting your store.



We offer safe and secure storing of all inventory at our fulfillment centres.



Once the orders start pouring in, we will be responsible for shipping worldwide.

What our customers say

"Fueld has supported our business immensely, from helping us bring shipments into Canada to holding our hand through logistical problems we were facing. Tarun and the team are so kind, patient and professional. He always treats our business with so much care, which really makes all the difference in this sort of work."

Shirin - Uncle Studios

"Working with Fueld was the best decision I made for growing my business.  Their personal service and trustworthy team has made Fulfilment a breeze."

Allie - Little Zen One

"I decided to go with Fueld as my fulfillment partner because they treat us like family. Their customer service is what makes them stand apart from others. Tarun is always there to help whenever there's an issue. Being able to resolve shipping issues right away means that my customers are happier because they are not left waiting a few days for a reply on their shipment. I would definitely recommend Fueld. 5/5 stars!"

Paul - Sir Waggingtons


Fueld can connect to any platforms our clients operate on. Not only are we readily available to integrate on existing platforms, but we also have developers to create a custom integration for your APIs where required.

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